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The Ugandan Boy Talk Show: From Teenage Mom to Journalist: My Story | Sandra Cope

In this episode, Bonny Kibuuka is hosting Sandra Cope, a radio journalist @nrgradio. The host of the vent show, she is a social justice journalist, TV host, News anchor, Writer, and a filler of Christ. In this episode Sandra walks us through her life journey, how she dropped out of school, got pregnant at 19, and had to live a single mom life then later on went back to High School at 31 years of age graduated, and went to university to finally do her dream job of journalism and being a voice to the voiceless through her radio show The Vent on NRG Radio. Tune in to listen to her full story on Rifaly by clicking here.

The Moses Kemibaro Show: Understanding the KRA Tax Amnesty: Insights from KRA’s Alfred Sikuku and Technology Entrepreneur Mbugua Njihia

In the latest episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, we took a deep dive into the intricacies of the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) recent Tax Amnesty program. This initiative has stirred the interest of many, particularly individuals and business entities keen on settling their tax obligations. To dissect this topic, we were joined by two distinguished guests: Alfred Sikuku of KRA’s Waiver Coordination Unit and seasoned entrepreneur Mbugua Njihia, a stalwart in Kenya’s tech industry. Tune in to listen to the full conversation.

On Uganda Podcast: MOTIVating and Empowering Ugandan Creatives for Economic Transformation – CK Japheth.

CK Japheth helps us to understand the creative power of Uganda’s Economy. The visionary behind MoTIV, an organization dedicated to harnessing creativity for societal transformation in Uganda. CK discusses the journey of MOTIV, emphasizing the role of creativity and entrepreneurship in Uganda’s aspiration to achieve a middle-class economy by 2040. Click here to listen to the full episode.

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